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Win-win Cooperation between AEC and Guangdong University of Technology

Date:2017-05-29 17:27:01  Hits: 2868 times

  In April 2015, Apower Electronics Co., ltd had a successful negotiation with Guangdong University of Technology on the project cooperation between college and enterprise, and signed the contract. Based on the built platform, the two parties planned to cultivate innovative graduates jointly through doing researches on polymer Li-ion batteries and exchange personnel. Besides, both parties would make full use of their advantages to apply for the key projects and scientific subjects on the national/ provincial level to meet the national or regional needs of clean energy.

  Nowadays, enterprises are in badly need of practical technicians who could apply their know-how into the real production. As such, the current cooperation pattern not only takes advantages of both parties, but also fosters the market-oriented graduates. It makes a great difference in the modernized school and company management, promotion of production as well as the education level of the incumbent technicians through mutual supports and sharing resources.

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