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Congratulations on AEC’s being recognized as Guangdongs Hi-tech Enterprise

Date:2017-05-29 17:28:52  Hits: 2963 times

  In October 2014, Apower Electronics Co., Ltd was identified as the Hi-tech enterprise by the Science and Technology department of Guangdong, which was the third recognition after the first audit in 2008 and the re-audit in 2011.   

  This honor is not only an approval of our R&D and overall management, but also an encouragement for us to work harder. We are going to gain more market share with the support of technological R&D, constantly enhance our innovative abilities and investment on technology development, and foster our professional brand image and services. By doing these, AEC makes full play of its advantages in this industry and play an exemplary role in perfecting customer experience, sharpening long-lasting brand competition as well as creating more preferential conditions for the steady and rapid development of itself. 

  AEC commits itself to be a prominent polymer Li-ion battery manufacturer, emphasizes on professionalism, persistence, high efficiency and premium quality, and adheres to the principle that production should be participated by every staff, supported by advanced technology, in constant improvement and in the satisfaction of customers”. Our growth is directed by market, driven by creativity, sustained due to the quality goods. That all we have done is to provide safe and quality-assurance products to make life better!    

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