Development plan

◆GGEC's Vision

Growing itself into a time-honored enterprise of innovation and dynamism. GGEC aims to be an innovating and dynamic enterprise that lasts forever, thus we're destined to shoulder the corresponding responsibilities and overcome the difficulties in the way one by one by hardworking. In the social level, GGEC offers working opportunities for generations of diligent workers to realize their career dreams and win their families' approval. In the financial level, GGEC run surplus to gradually increase the payment to its workers which ensures them an abundant life. In the emotional level, GGEC calls for such a picture that everyone should respect each other and care the youngsters at home, share the comforts and hardships with colleagues in company and learn from each other for self-development. This enterprise has been and will continue to be strictly stick to these three subgoals to realize GGEC’s Dream.  

◆AEC's Medium & Long-term Development Plan

AEC aims to firstly develop itself to be the leading battery of intelligent wearable products and then of the digital devices.

Cooperating with well-developed partners in the energy system industry, AEC will become a high-ranking battery solution provider for light-duty dynamic devices and energy storage systems.

Combining the support from GGEC (AEC's parent company) on the material R&D, AEC will become an EV battery provider. 

AEC's turnover will reach 1 billion yuan in the near three years and 2 billion yuan in the upcoming 5 years. 

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